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Raspberry Pi Pico entertains dogs with an automatic ball launcher

this raspberry pie The project created by the manufacturer Brankly is as interesting to Fido as we humans.Using Raspberry Pi Pico, Brankly developed an automatic Ball launcher Completely from scratch-from the 3D printed housing to the internal electronic components, everything is designed from scratch.

According to Blankley, the long-term goal is to teach his dog to operate the transmitter independently, but before that, a human throws the ball to the top. A sensor detects when the ball is placed inside, allowing Pico to activate the ball launch system.

(Image source: Brankly)

The servo is used to block the path of the ball, remove a bit of plastic, and let the ball fall into the channel when it is launched. A random timer ensures that the start time is inconsistent and unpredictable. When the ball moves along the channel, the two motors are activated at random speeds, launching the ball at different distances according to the rotation speed of the ball. This makes things interesting for dogs, because there is uncertainty with every launch.

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