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Raspberry Pi Pico Turret calculates the perfect shot


Maker Daniel Wareham created a raspberry pie The project may bring us closer to the realization of the game Web portals Enter the real world. Using our favorite microcontroller, Raspberry PicoWareham has created a 3D printed turret, which can be controlled manually and automatically.

It is worth noting that this turret project did not actually fire. Although there is no mechanism for launching projectiles, it does a good job of demonstrating the aiming and control capabilities of the actual turret, outputting the calculated data to the OLED screen on the controller.

The turret itself is installed in a custom 3D printed shell. There are several motors inside to control the left/right movement of the main body of the turret and the up and down movement of the barrel. It uses a separate control box for operation, with beautiful design and perfect interface. The controller has two OLED screens for outputting data and adjusting settings, three sliders, two knobs, three potentiometers, and a joystick for manual operation.

(Image source: Daniel Wareham)

As we said before, it does not actually fire projectiles, but it can aim at itself and consider the target movement for real-time simulation. This exciting, military-inspired technology is written in the free and open source language Python.This The best Raspberry Pi project You can make it at home, Wareham kindly shared all the mechanical details GitHub For curious parties.


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