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Raspberry Pi-powered display rotates to portrait mode

This project was created by Reddit user Su77ungr to transform traditional displays in the most literal way.Use one raspberry pie, He managed to create a Rotate the screen Operate like a Samsung Sero TV.

If you have never seen the actual application of Sero, now you will understand that it works by synchronizing with a smartphone to display the content on the screen and rotate to match the orientation of the phone. In this project, Raspberry Pi 4 is used to project the Android screen and send a signal to rotate the display.

A sort of YouTube video Can be used to show the build process. We found an L298D motor controller connected between the Raspberry Pi and the T150 USB steering wheel. According to Su77ungr, this project did not damage the steering wheel during the production process, only the hardware inside was disassembled. When running at full speed, it can rotate a 32-inch display.

(Image source: Su77ungr)

In order to stream the Android display, Su77ungr uses a branch of the Scrcpy repository, which aims to provide screen mirroring support for the Raspberry Pi via TCP/IP.Check Gua Sha Check out its features on GitHub, and users can also use it on Linux, MacOS, and Windows.

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