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Raspberry Pi powered OG GameBoy for tearing and tearing


Jeroen Domburg from Wizard Module Has developed to the extreme raspberry pie-Powered Game Boy handheld computer. DMGPlus has Raspberry Pi Zero W In the original Game Boy DMG-01, but the excitement did not end there.It can play games with original cartridges-even custom cartridges, yes, including doom.

some The best Raspberry Pi project Using the original hardware, the DMGPlus project takes it to the extreme. We haven’t seen too many projects that provide so much support for real components. From the outside, it looks 99% unaffected, except for small changes to the volume wheel.

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(Image source: Jeroen Domburg)
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raspberry pie

(Image source: Jeroen Domburg)
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raspberry pie

(Image source: Jeroen Domburg)


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