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Raspberry Pi protects guinea pigs with Telegram Bot

Porkchop and Hamhock are the best pair of guinea pigs raspberry pieThe owner can make a monitoring system based on it.Developed by Christian Hollinger, The project aims to provide remote observation capabilities without the need for inaccessible third-party servers, which may or may not store private data.

Although there are platforms that allow users to access camera feeds through various applications, Hollinger wanted to create something with more security and control. The idea here is to create a monitoring system that will not continuously run real-time feeds, but will also be automated to a certain extent through periodic snapshots or on-demand requests.

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(Photo credit: Christian Hollinger)
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raspberry pie

(Photo credit: Christian Hollinger)

solution? Of course it is a customized Telegram bot! Telegram is an instant messaging platform with a powerful API that can easily interact with Raspberry Pi. Using Hollingers custom robots, users can use simple phrases such as “photograph” to access camera feeds and request pictures in real time.

raspberry pie

(Photo credit: Christian Hollinger)

Another key component used in the project is MotionEyeOS. The software runs on the Raspberry Pi and provides a series of useful tools, including motion detection triggers. It is worth noting that the Telegram bot is not completely safe and accessible to the public. To add an extra layer of security, Hollinger added some code designed to ignore messages from unauthorized chatIDs.

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