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Raspberry Pi replaces Banana Pi BPI-M2S with six-core CPU and 4GB RAM

Fans of raspberry pieMy alternative is that Banana Pi will get a new and more powerful board to patch Twitter and Company wiki BPI-M2S.Fits the same 2.6 inch footprint M2 Professional EditionWhat’s worth noting about this board is its six processor cores and two Gigabit Ethernet ports.

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BPI-M2S also has many other ports, such as a USB 2.0, a Type-C for power supply (also available through headers) and an HDMI port, as well as those two Gigabit Ethernet. There is a three-pin serial connector and a 40-pin GPIO array, as well as DSI and CSI connectors for cameras and displays. Compatibility with accessories designed for Raspberry Pi is currently unknown, but GPIO appears to have a similar pinout to Raspberry Pi, but support depends on the vendor software library.

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