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Raspberry Pi revives retro film cameras


The beauty of many retro devices is only enhanced by their size, which is necessary due to the large number of analog recording systems. Although it produces better quality images, the use of film and tape that the digital sensor and Micro SD card cannot match has some wonderful nostalgia and romance.So you can imagine that when the news passes Hacker day Manufacturer and obvious nostalgic fan definite, We are eager for the Raspberry Pi update of their Super 8 movie camera.

The camera in question is the Agfa Microflex Sensor made in Germany, a small boxy movie camera produced in the late 1960s. It has automatic exposure control, but the zoom and focus are manual. It exposes 15m (50 feet) Super 8 film fed from the cassette at 18fps (continuous shooting for 3 minutes and 20 seconds), and does not record audio. It used to be called the smallest camera in the world, but today it looks quite bulky, especially for a device that can only do one thing.


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