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Recycle the Raspberry Pi you don’t need and make money in okdo

If you have one raspberry pie You don’t want it anymore, you can sell it on eBay, or you can send it to the factory for refurbishment, thanks A new plan Established between Pi Foundation, Sony Technology and British SBC expert okdo. You can get a voucher for okdo products to recycle your old Raspberry Pi.

(Image source: Raspberry Pi)

This offer is only applicable to 3b, 3b+ and 4 working boards, and your £10 (US$14) voucher must be used within 30 days, with a minimum purchase of £15 (US$21). The circuit boards were returned to the Sony Technology Center, the same place where they were made for refurbishment. The refurbished plank will get a second life in the new project, but we don’t know how this will be achieved at the moment. okdo will remind you to remove any memory card from the device before you send it.

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