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Red Dead Redemption 2 finally gets DLSS support


Rock star Red Dead Redemption 2 Finally received DLSS treatment With the new update just launched today. According to Nvidia’s test, by using RTX 20 series or 30 series graphics cards to run the game in performance mode at 4K and maximum settings, you can expect a frame rate increase of approximately 45%.

It’s great to see that Red Dead Redemption 2 has finally acquired Nvidia’s image reconstruction technology.When the game was launched, it was notorious for its strict requirements on GPU hardware, so much so that the flagship at the time RTX 2080 Ti cannot reach 60FPS at 4k resolution Unless you slightly lower the image quality settings.

Now with the DLSS update, you can expect the 2080 Ti to reach 60FPS at 4K resolution in performance mode (according to Nvidia’s test), at least in performance mode using DLSS, that is, 1080p is rebuilt to 4K.

(Image source: Nvidia)

Ampere series products also perform well in terms of DLSS updates. RTX 3060 12GB can reach nearly 45FPS under the same DLSS settings and resolution, but only 30FPS without DLSS.If we jump to Nvidia’s current flagship product (well, technically, it’s the penultimate amp, because there are still Tencent 3090), This RTX 3080 Titanium Can provide about 85 fps instead of 59 fps.


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