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Research shows that if they understand cryptocurrency, many people will use cryptocurrency to buy things

PYMNTS and BitPay Revealed in a study Many American consumers are happy to use cryptocurrency to pay for fees, especially if doing so will make the transaction more private, but they don’t know how to obtain cryptocurrency from the start. It is worth noting that BitPay is committed to cryptocurrency payments, but PYMNTS should provide fair analysis.Perhaps confused respondents should refer to our guide How to mine Ethereum, After purchasing one of them The best mining GPU? See, we can be equally “just”, but we digress.

company Say In their “Cryptocurrency Payment Handbook: Cryptocurrency Gaining Momentum as a Payment Option”, 75% of respondents said that they did not own cryptocurrency due to a “lack of knowledge.” There are other reasons, such as the lack of mainstream acceptance (33.3%) and the volatility of the crypto market (25.2%), but this inability to even start is by far the biggest obstacle.

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