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Retro camera gets Raspberry Pi upgrade

One of the best April Fools’ Days related to photography in recent years is RE35It claims to be a 35mm film roll from which you can take out a digital sensor so that you can take pictures up to 12MP from your favorite old manual film SLR.As the site now admits, this is certainly not true, but a brilliant idea from the maker definiteAnd was found Hacker day, Thanks to Raspberry Pi Zero W And camera.

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Install Pi in the camera

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Pi installed in the camera

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The construction takes advantage of the small size of the Raspberry Pi Zero W and the ZeroCam camera module specifically designed for the Raspberry Pi Zero. A 3D printed shell is located where the film is located, supporting the zero, and the camera module (with the lens removed) is located right in the center of the film window, effectively taking photos of the back of the lens. It can even shoot and stream videos via Wi-Fi.

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