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Reusing old LGA15xx coolers for Alder Lake may not be a good idea


Igor’s Laboratory Just lied on Intel’s upcoming LGA1700 and LGA1800 sockets. Confidential technical drawings show that although the cooling manufacturer can adjust the existing LGA1200 CPU cooler to fit the LGA1700 socket, in some cases this may not be the best idea.

So far, Alder Lake processors will be plugged into LGA1700 socket. The number of pins increased by 41.7%, and the LGA1700 socket will adopt a rectangular shape, which is different from the traditional square design of Intel’s previous LGA115x and LGA1200 sockets. Allegedly, Alder Lake uses a 37.5 x 45 mm package. Therefore, some vendors are developing new installation kits so that existing LGA115x users can recycle the cooling solution on the LGA1700 socket when needed.


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