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Samsung 5-layer EUV DDR5 mass production, DDR5-7200 IC incoming

Samsung this week Said It has begun mass production of DDR5 memory using its latest 14nm manufacturing process, which uses extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography on five layers. The widespread use of EUV allows Samsung to reduce the die size of its memory chips without the need for deep ultraviolet (DUV) lithography tools for multi-patterning, thereby increasing yield and reducing cycle time. Eventually, this technology will be used to manufacture DDR5-7200 chips.

Samsung’s 14-nanometer five-layer EUV manufacturing technology (D1a) enables the company to reduce DRAM power consumption by nearly 20% and increase wafer productivity (ie shrink/optimize chip size to produce more DRAM chips on a single 300mm wafer ) Compared with the previous generation of DRAM nodes, it is reduced by about 20%. The new technology will become Samsung’s main force for several years, and the company has developed a fairly extensive roadmap for this node.

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