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Samsung demonstrates the memory processing of HBM2, GDDR6, DDR4 and LPDDR5X


If Samsung has its own way, the memory chips in future desktop computers, laptops or GPUs can think for themselves. On Hot Chips 33, Samsung announced that in addition to its HBM2 chip, it will expand its memory processing technology to DDDR4 modules, GDDR6 and LPDDR5X. Earlier this year, Samsung released HBM2 memory with an integrated processor that can calculate up to 1.2 TFLOPS for AI workloads, allowing the memory itself to perform operations normally reserved for CPU, GPU, ASIC or FPGA. Today marks greater progress in the chip, but Samsung also has more powerful variants on its roadmap for next-generation HBM3. Given the rise of AI-based rendering technologies (such as upgrades), we can even see this technology play a role in game GPUs.

Today’s announcement revealed the official brand of Aquabolt-XL HBM2 memory, as well as AXDIMM DDR4 memory modules and LPDDR5 memory that also have embedded computing capabilities.We covered The details of the first HBM-PIM (Processing in Memory) chip are hereIn short, these chips have an AI engine injected into each DRAM group. This allows the memory itself to process the data, which means that the system does not have to move data between the memory and the processor, saving time and power. Of course, there is a capacity trade-off for the current memory type technology, but Samsung said that HBM3 and future memory will have the same capacity as ordinary memory chips.


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