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Samsung launches DDR5-7200 512GB memory


Samsung announced on Hot Chips 33 that the company has developed the industry’s first DDR5-7200 512GB memory module. Compared with DDR4, Samsung’s DDR5-7400 memory module provides 40% higher performance and twice the capacity at a voltage of only 1.1V.

The company built a DDR5-7200 memory module, which contains 8 stacked DDR5 chips interconnected with TSV (Through Silicon Via) technology. This is a huge improvement over DDR4, which was previously limited to four DDR4 chips. Although the design is denser, the size of the DDR5 stack is 1.0 mm compared to the 1.2 mm of DDR4. Using thin wafer processing technology, Samsung was able to reduce the gap between chips by 40%, thereby reducing the height of the stack.


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