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Samsung succeeds Intel as a top semiconductor manufacturer


According to the latest IC Insight report, based on revenue, Samsung Electronics has regained its position as the largest semiconductor manufacturer in the second quarter of 2021. Macleans Report, It investigated the state of the semiconductor industry in multiple fields.

Compared with the first quarter of 2021, the South Korean company’s overall IC sales increased by 19%, achieving total sales of US$20.29 billion in the April-June period alone. Among them, 19.26 billion US dollars came from integrated circuit (IC) sales, and the remaining 1.03 billion US dollars came from optoelectronics, sensors, and discrete (OSD) sales.

On the other hand, Intel achieved a small 3% chain-over-quarter (quarter-over-quarter) growth, resulting in chip sales reaching $19.3 billion.For reference, compared with Intel, AMD, which is generally considered to have a competitive CPU portfolio, brings Pitiful 3.85 billion US dollars.


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