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Seagate will launch mass market 20TB hard drives in the coming months

Seagate is developing a number of 20TB consumer hard drives that will use perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) and shingled magnetic recording (SMR) technologies, which are more cost-effective than Seagate’s current business-centric HAMR technology. The company’s 20TB SMR HDD will be available in the second half of this year, that is, in the next few months.

20TB HDD in stock

“We expect to start shipping 20TB PMR hard drives in the second half of this year,” Seagate CEO Dave Mosley said on the company’s earnings call with analysts and investors (via Find Alpha).

(Image source: Seagate)

Seagate currently ships 20TB hard drives that use its thermally assisted magnetic recording (HAMR) technology to select partners and Lyve storage systems. However, these drives are not intended as mass market products.Instead, the company is preparing to release a PMR-based 20TB HDD (with two-dimensional magnetic recording [TDMR] Enhanced) Suitable for typical customers who require high capacity, and are also developing SMR-based 20TB drives for super-large-scale enterprises. The software can consider shingled magnetic recording technology.

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