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Seeed Studio’s new Seeed XIAO RP2040 ultra-small

Since release Raspberry Pipeco As with the RP2040 chip, manufacturers and third-party manufacturers are eager to apply the new chip to their own motherboards. Seeed Studio is no stranger to RP2040. With the release of the new Seeed XIAO RP2040 board, it once again set foot in the environment.

(Image source: Seeed Studio)

This ultra-small microcontroller provides the powerful functions of the RP2040 in an ultra-small form factor. It can be used as is for small projects, but it can also be added to an existing board as an extension. It can also be easily integrated with Seeeduino XIAO.

All in all, the size of this board is very small, the size is exactly 20mm x 17.5mm x 3.5mm. Users can use approximately 2MB of on-board flash memory and 11 digital I/O pins. These pins only accept 3.3V voltage, if you use a higher voltage, it may damage the processor.

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(Image source: Seeed Studio)

The user has 11 PWM pins, some of which provide dual functions. There are 4 analog pins, a UART interface, an SPI interface, an I2C interface and an SWD pad. You can use the USB Type-C interface application code, which also powers the board. There are some additional components available, including reset buttons, start buttons, status indicators, and even LEDs.

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