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Should You Buy a Used Graphics Card?


Should you buy a used graphics card? Every few years, cryptocurrencies seem to go nuts and the best graphics cards all disappear into the eager hands of miners. Combined with the pandemic already causing GPU shortages in 2020, the past nine months have been a terrible time for PC gamers looking to upgrade their most critical component. If you need a new graphics card, turning to the used market might seem like a good idea, but right now even that presents problems.

The GPU shortages are so bad that cards from two or three generations back continue to sell on eBay at drastically inflated prices. Basically, if it’s currently tracked on our GPU benchmarks hierarchy, it’s going to be overpriced. Let’s take just one quick example. The GeForce GTX 1060 6GB launched way back in July of 2016 — five years ago! The initial launch price for the Founders Edition was $299, with third party cards starting at $249. Toward the end of 2019, you could find used GTX 1060 6GB cards on eBay for around $150–$175. Today, using the same methodology as we use in our GPU pricing index, average prices on eBay for sold GTX 1060 6GB cards were $314 over the past two weeks — for an old card that might not even function properly!


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