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Some Alder Lake mobile CPUs will be equipped with Xe GT3 iGPU

Intel provides a comprehensive classification for the hardware world Alder Lake At the chip manufacturer’s Construction Day 2021However, Intel did not touch on the topic of the integrated graphics that will accompany Alder Lake.points detective Komachi_Tosaka Smelled a New core boot patch This gives us a little understanding of the iGPU in the mobile Alder Lake chip.

It is worth noting that Alder Lake-M is not the best-performing mobile chip in Intel’s product line.A sort of Previous coreboot update According to reports, Intel may divide mobile Alder Lake into four categories. Alder Lake-M is located at the bottom of the stack and has a 9W TDP. The maximum configuration has two performance (Golden Cove) cores and eight efficiency (Gracemont) cores.

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