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Steam frustrated under Steam Deck pre-orders

Valve’s online game storefront, Steam, succumbed to pressure from players eager to book Steam deck, Its upcoming handheld gaming device will be shipped in December, starting at $399.

Social media is flooded with reports of crashes, the site does not accept credit cards, and people are told they have tried too many times and come back after a few hours. In some cases, even if the requirement is to purchase something before June 2021, users with more than 10 years of old Steam accounts are told that they are not eligible to book the system.

The following is a small part of the questions that users see:

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The problem of pre-ordering high-demand products is nothing new.We saw it Xbox X series, Game console 5 And all the latest graphics cards from Nvidia and AMD. The problem of online booking is a bit accustomed now.

However, there are also successful cases.One techy’s hardware The staff managed to grab the reservation, and the number of bragging people on Twitter slowly increased.

Valve’s reservation included a $5 fee to purchase the system, so credit card processing was also hit hard. But based on the upcoming story, it seems to ensure that gamers, not scalpers, get the system.

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