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The CEO of Nvidia said that the acquisition of Nvidia and Arm may exceed expectations

NVIDIA CEO Huang Renxun in Interviewed by “Financial Times” Acknowledge that the acquisition of Nvidia and Arm is expected to be delayed-this is the result of a regulatory review of the $40 billion (cash and stock) merger. “Our discussions with the regulator are longer than originally thought, so it is delaying the timetable,” Huang told the Financial Times. “This is not a particular delay,” he added. “But we are full of confidence in this transaction, and we believe that regulators should recognize the benefits of this acquisition.”

The initial 18-month time frame for NVIDIA and Arm owner Softbank to facilitate and complete the deal is set to end in March 2022-the optional extension has been postponed to September 2022. The March deadline has obviously passed-Huang Renxun’s interview with the Financial Times at least shows that Nvidia believes that it will not be able to clear the remaining regulatory obstacles soon.

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