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The first domestic wafer regeneration device entered mass production

The Chinese company Hefei Aotron Semiconductor Co., Ltd. announced that its silicon wafer recycling facility in the eastern province of Hanui has achieved mass production. This is the first such facility to operate in China, enabling local semiconductor manufacturers to recycle damaged or contaminated 12-inch wafers within China.According to reports Science and Technology Post.

Like any manufacturing process, semiconductor manufacturing does deviate from the established “perfect” production scenario.Even in semiconductor manufacturing facilities, some of the most strictly controlled environments in the world, there is still room for failure—whether in the wafer etching process that extracts chips from the main silicon material, or the use of contaminated materials in various manufacturing steps. Main material. Mistakes are costly here, although some defects can lead to lower yields (percentage of qualified silicon available at the end of manufacturing), but other errors-for example Pollution or power failure -It can allow the company to return thousands of dollars and eliminate months of careful manufacturing steps for a single silicon wafer.

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