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The founder said that Geekbench’s pre-release hardware policy is not new


Earlier today, a tweet from the Twitter account @Benchleaks Statement “Geekbench ded [sic]” Shocked some PC hardware enthusiasts because it displayed an error message claiming that the pre-release hardware has been blocked from the browser database of the benchmark.

(Image source: Primate Laboratory)

But according to John Poole, the founder and president of Primate Labs, which makes Geekbench, the news is actually a few months old, and the policy of preventing pre-release hardware has been going on for many years.

“We have been blocking pre-release hardware (for example, Intel 0000 processor) in the Geekbench browser for many years,” Poole said techy’s hardware In an email. “The page that is circulating is a new error page that we introduced a few months ago.”

Poole did not answer questions about why Geekbench blocked these results. He said that people should still be able to use Geekbench to run tests on unreleased hardware without problems, but that doesn’t mean it won’t appear in public-facing browsers.

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