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The kingpin says that EVGA’s AMD X570 Dark is a monster overclocker

Renowned overclocker Vince Lucido shared another photo of AMD’s upcoming launch X570 Dark motherboard on his Facebook page, Indicating that the new board is a “monster AMD OC”, let us hang in the air to learn more details. Of course, as a Dark motherboard, it is not surprising that this new AMD EVGA motherboard will bring some serious overclocking capabilities to enthusiasts.

EVGA teased its X570 Dark motherboard a few months ago, it will beHis company’s first AMD motherboard for many years. Unfortunately, we do not yet have all the details about the board of directors. However, we can see from the name and picture of the motherboard that it will be a “monster” overclocker for Zen 2 and Zen 3 chips, especially RAM overclocking.

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