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The new WD SN850 SSD firmware restores the performance of AMD X570


Fulfill the promise, Western Digital deployed new firmware for the company WD black SN850 SSD, currently one of them The best solid state drive in the market. When the drive is installed in the M.2 socket connected to the AMD X570 chipset, the latest firmware will restore the write performance of the SN850.

SN850 is currently one of the fastest SSDs.However, the user reported a Performance loss exceeds 40% If the SSD is located on an M.2 socket that does not directly communicate with the Ryzen processor. We believe that this issue will not affect users who use SN850 as their primary drive. But for users who have multiple SSDs and SN850 connected to the AMD X570 chipset on the M.2 socket, this may be a big problem.


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