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The Pi Server project can survive a power outage, it looks great


Not many servers are not of a certain model raspberry pie. The latest from Michael Clements On the DIY Life website, it is 3D printed and laser cut. It looks great. It is equipped with a UPS to survive a power failure. There is also an OLED screen that can display important information.

(Image source: Michael Clements)

The guts of the server is Raspberry Pi 4 versus 32GB micro SD card It is cooled by low-key ice tower fan and radiator. UPS comes from a module GeeekPi through AliExpress, And equipped with a pair of Kiminors 18650 3.7V 2600mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery. The UPS acts as a HAT on the Pi, but is actually installed below it, contacting the bottom of the GPIO pins through some spring-loaded pogo pin contacts. Klements can run this box for an hour and a half with a set of fully charged batteries​​.


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