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The picture shows an example of the Intel Alder Lake project


exist Intel Architecture Day, Chipzilla demonstrated its work on the upcoming Alder Lake generation processors. The Alder Lake processor is equipped with the first mixed configuration of large and small cores, and is the first x86 design to be put on the market with this mixed setting.Today thanks Hong Kong Environmental Protection Agency website pass through momomo_us, We found an image of an early engineering sample (ES) of the Alder Lake processor.

Alder Lake combines smaller, more energy-efficient cores (called E cores by Intel) with larger, more powerful P cores to provide a perfect combination of better performance and power usage. According to the scenario, Alder Lake will dedicate E-core to some other workloads, and P-core will be used for “weightlifting”. P-core architecture is based on Golden Cove IP, while E-core is essentially a Gracemont design.


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