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The price of NVIDIA RTX 30 series is falling faster in Germany than AMD RX 6000 GPU

RTX 30 series graphics cards occupy several positions in our graphics cards Best graphics card The list has become much cheaper than it was a few months ago.according to, The price of Nvidia 30 series graphics cards in the German market is faster than AMD RX 6000 series GPUs, which makes us hope that the prices of Nvidia graphics cards may continue to move closer to MSRP.

According to the graphics card price chart of, in the first half of 2021, the price of the RX 6000 series graphics card (as a percentage of the suggested retail price of German manufacturers) is closer to the list price than its Nvidia similar products. But now we are in August, the GPU price of Nvidia graphics continues to fall (although the speed has slowed since July), while the price of AMD has begun to climb, and the graphics cards of the two companies have swapped positions.

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The sharp decline in the price of RTX graphics cards should not be underestimated. In May, Nvidia card sales exceeded 300% of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price in a short period of time. But since then, the inflation rate has dropped sharply, dropping to 191% in just one month and now to 150% in August.

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