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The Raspberry Pi Pico Pong project uses Wii-like motion control


What if the Nintendo Wii came out in the 1970s?You might get something similar to Nick Bild’s motion control Ping Pong Peak Project, this is almost what it says.But not in a big and fancy wooden box like the typical one Ping pong The console, Bild’s Pico Pong uses a 2 x 0.8 inch to complete all calculations Raspberry Pipeco Microcontroller. Just…ignore its huge breadboard for infrared motion control.

(Image source: Nick Image)

It’s just because Pico Pong uses modern raspberry pie However, the microcontroller does not mean that there is no old-school technology. It is best to dig out your VGA cable, because Bild actually wrote a VGA generator in his Pico to display the game. Pico Pong outputs 640 x 380 @ 60 Hz VGA signal, but if the resolution sounds small, don’t worry. Due to memory limitations, the available screen size is actually smaller, 640 x 350.


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