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The sales of Nvidia’s RTX 3090 clearly surpassed AMD’s entire RX 6000 series product line


Compared with Nvidia’s RTX 30 series products, AMD’s latest RX 6000 series GPUs may provide very competitive performance, and they are close to our top products GPU benchmark Hierarchy and have a place in several of our positions Best graphics card List.However, according to Valve’s latest news Steam hardware survey, Only Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3090 successfully surpassed the sum of all Radeon RX 6000 series models. This is the least popular (in terms of market share) Ampere GPU.

Currently, Valve’s Steam survey does not list any RX 6000 series products in its list. Graphics card category, Because the total share of any particular GPU needs to be higher than 0.15% to get its own production line.However, as a Reddit user @zyck_titan It was discovered that Valve did indeed list the RDNA 2 card in its Steam survey DX10/11/12 system page.

Since there are still many old GPUs still managed to appear in the overall graphics card list, by restricting GPUs to only use newer DX10 or better products, Zyck found that the market share of most GPUs has approximately doubled. In other words, about half of all PCs surveyed by Steam seem to use pre-DX10 hardware and drivers. Since we are most interested in newer hardware, the API page provides us with some useful data on the latest architectures of AMD and Nvidia and how the GPU stacks up.

For AMD fans, these numbers are frustrating. With all the graphics cards listed so far, this means that the total market share of RX 6700 XT, RX 6800, RX 6800 XT and RX 6900 XT is lower than RTX 3090. Nvidia’s least popular gaming GPU (due to extreme pricing) clearly still sells more than AMD’s entire RDNA 2 product line.

Newer GPUs, such as RTX 3070 Titanium and RTX 3080 Titanium It hasn’t appeared yet, and of course there is no AMD coming soon RX 6600 XTIt usually takes several months for the cards to appear in any reasonable number of Steam surveys. Give them some time and we may see Nvidia’s share further increase unless AMD can improve its supply.

If you are wondering, the situation has improved since March. At that time, RTX 30 series GPUs sold nearly 20 to 1 higher than RX 6000 series graphics cards. June and July RX 6700 XT-AMD’s most popular RDNA 2 graphics card-significantly increased AMD’s market share and reduced Nvidia’s advantage to 11 to 1. However, this is still a huge deal for Nvidia Advantage.

This proves the difficulty of trying to extract the GPU during the massive technology shortage we are still experiencing today. We believe that the supply problem mainly stems from AMD’s chip partner TSMC, which provides all wafers for AMD’s chips and has been overwhelmed by orders for nearly a year. Due to TSMC’s backlog of shortages, AMD has been unable to order more chips.

AMD also uses TSMC as the main chip supplier for its CPU and console APU, which allows the Radeon division to use fewer chips. Considering that Sony has apparently sold more than 10 million PlayStation 5 game consoles and Microsoft has sold 5-6 million Xbox Series S/X game consoles, it is obvious that a large part of AMD wafers manufactured by TSMC will now Used in game consoles.


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