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The world’s largest chip uses Cerebras CS-2 to unlock a brain-sized AI model

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(Image source: Cerebras)

Cerebras Systems announced today that it has created what it claims is the first brain-level AI solution-a single system that can support a 120 trillion parameter AI model, defeating the 100 trillion synapses that exist in the human brain. In contrast, GPU clusters most commonly used for AI workloads typically have up to 1 trillion parameters. Cerebras can achieve this industry first with a single 850,000 core system, but it can also distribute workloads to up to 192 CS-2 systems and has 162 million AI optimized cores to release more performance.

As the fastest artificial intelligence processor known to man, Brain CS-2 It is undoubtedly one of the most unique semiconductor devices on earth. With 46,225 square millimeters of silicon, 2.6 trillion transistors and 850,000 AI optimized cores, all packaged on a single wafer-sized 7nm processor, its computing power is truly unique.

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