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This all-in-one liquid cooler has a 1440p screen and HDMI input


Liquid cooling manufacturer Barrowch released a New all-in-one water cooling kit It has the most futuristic CPU block you can buy. The module has a 2.9-inch, 1440 x 1440 display with HDMI connection.

The screen resolution on the Barrowch water block is really impressive, and honestly, it’s too much. This small water block has more than 700 pixels per inch, and its PPI is almost twice that of the Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphone, providing you with the pixel density you need. The screen itself is a standard LCD monitor, powered by a 5V micro USB interface.

The main purpose of the screen is to monitor the computer’s sensors, ranging from CPU temperature to GPU temperature, system load, etc. This screen can also be used in conjunction with AIDA64 monitoring tools to obtain more accurate readings. With HDMI input, you can also use it as a very small computer monitor.

(Image source: Barocchi)

Even without a screen, the all-in-one water cooling kit is impressive. The block is connected to a thick 240mm radiator with dual RGB 120mm fans. Barrowch is able to mount the 17W pump and water tank directly to the radiator, including the acrylic window next to the water tank, allowing you to check the liquid level


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