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This custom Raspberry Pi PCB looks ridiculous

If you are going to read a very long log, you need enough space to view everything without scrolling.This is ridiculously long raspberry pie The project has come in-affectionately referred to as the long log by its developers Beaubrisius.

This is not the first Bobricius project we have encountered.We shared his Pico-driven end of the world communicator Just earlier this year. This project is a bit niche, but the design quality shines equally throughout the board.

(Image source: Bobricius)

The PCB is designed around an ultra-wide display, which appears to be an 8.8-inch LCD with a resolution of 1920 x 480. This ultra-wide screen provides Long Log with a lot of significant space for viewing terminal logs vertically, thus helping Long Log gain its reputation. The device is powered by Raspberry Pi Zero, which is connected to the display driver board through an HDMI adapter.

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