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This is why EVGA requested scalper pricing for advanced GPU RMA


When Amazon’s New World game started blowing up users’ GPUs, EVGA ran into a well-known problem, but the company immediately provided a No problem return policy to replace the affected GPU. According to a report from Igor’s LaboratoryNow it seems that EVGA is charging high RMA deposit fees based on the current scalper pricing level, which has caused some criticism. However, EVGA’s participation in this approach has a legitimate reason. It is an opt-in program. If customers do not want to pay a deposit, they can provide their customers with another option (albeit slower) to complete the RMA process.

According to reports, Igor submitted an advanced RMA request to replace the damaged EVGA GeForce RTX 3080 FTW3 Ultra graphics card. The retail price of the graphics card is about 782 Euros (931 Euros including VAT). However, EVGA requires the same deposit as the current scalper pricing for this model: EVGA requires a deposit of 1,728.20 euros instead of the suggested retail price (list price) of 931 euros.


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