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This Raspberry Pi Pico game completely hits the face

This Raspberry Pipeco The production of the game created by Thomas Roth (aka Stacksmashing) is as fun as it is to play! Roth assembled this custom LED button game using 20 arcade buttons and a spare board, all of which are driven by a Pico microcontroller.

This is not the first creation of Roth we introduced, because he recently released this open source Pico Debug’n’Dump kitHowever, this is his first complete game that we shared. According to Roth, the game was assembled within a few hours, including the time spent physically building the board and writing the game program.

(Image source: Thomas Roth (Stacksmashing))

The two-player game is a bit like a competitive hamster, it outputs scores to the laptop monitor in real time. Each player must press a button when it lights up. The player who presses the most within the specified time frame wins the round.

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