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Top Open World Games in 2022


We upgraded smartphones and they upgraded our recreation standard. Mobile games are the next level of enjoyment and fun. Most of the games are such outstanding in graphics that they seem real. Open World Android Games cannot be compared with anything. They are just a superb way of amusement.

The top 5 Open World Android Games are listed below :

1) Dead Rivals – Zombie MMO

This is a zombie-themed open world games. The world has become deserted after a Zombie Apocalypse and you are a survivor who fights for the remaining survivor. Now you have to find the roots of the zombie plague and destroy it to save the World. You can also make groups with other players to find your way.
You have a choice to customize your character.
This game has the following features:

• Open World: This game has a sandbox-style open world. You are free to wander anywhere and explore anything.
• Make Teams: You can make Teams with other players and complete the journey in collaboration.
• Zombie Horde: You can build a shelter and secure it with your own zombie horde and if you are treacherous, you can also use these zombies to steal stuff of your fellow players.


2) Gangster Rio: City Of Saints

open world games

It is a sandbox game that explores the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Gangster Rio has a great range of vehicles. These vehicles have music and radio station. There are 5 areas to visit. Starting from poor neighborhoods to rich, jungle, beaches, and the business district. There is a huge collection of all sorts of guns, machine guns and grenades. There are 60 missions to complete and on the way you kill dishonest politicians, save your witnesses and deliver packages. This game has stunning graphics quality. It is one of the best open world Android Games.This game is fab and definently you are going to love it.


3) Ark: Survival Evolved

open world games

It is a best open world Android Game . It takes player to ancient time of Dinosaurs. The player trains these Dinosaurs and use them for many purposes. There are more than 80 Dinosaurs. Player can also team up with others to make a group or build a community of survivors.This game is amazing and also provide lots of joy because of amazing graphics.


4) Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas

This game’s story starts from the escape of Carl Johnson from the anxieties of life in San Andreas , a city full of corruption and gang troubles. Carl has to go home because his mother has been murdered and he also has to save his friends. On his return, some Cops blame him for homicide and he has to run through whole state to save his family and to take control.

Features :

High resolution game with rich color pallete.
Re-adjustable graphic settings
Supports many languages like English, French, Russian and German etc.


5) Mad Max

open world games

It is an action-adventure game. The main character is Max Rockatansky who goes through wastelands and builds a vehicle “ Magnum Opus “ for fighting with a gang of raiders who are led by Scrabrous Scrotus.
Max has to reach “ Plains Of Silence “ where he hopes to find peace.
This open world Android Game allows you to customize character of Max from his look to his weapons and vehicles.

These were 5 top Open World Android Games that you must have if you are a true lover of games and definently visit for daily tech related articles and share our website with your friends and family.


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