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Toshiba makes a breakthrough on the quantum Internet

Toshiba today announced a breakthrough on the road to the quantum Internet.Cooperation with Tohoku University Hospital (Japan), research team Shows The entire human genome is transmitted over 600 kilometers of optical fiber-while using quantum cryptography to encode information to achieve the ultimate data privacy protection.The research results are published in Journal of natural photonics science.

Data is moved and stored through multiple locations, spanning a total transmission distance of approximately 600 kilometers via fiber optic cables. A new, world-first dual-band stabilization technology (the company named it dual-field) is used, which helps to eliminate the temperature and strain fluctuation problems that usually exist in quantum communications. This is pure physics: when data flows through the fiber optic cable, the fiber optic cable itself will show tiny shrinkage and expansion, if not considered, it may destroy the extremely sensitive qubits used to encode and transmit information-in the data Introduce errors or even render data unusable. As the company described, Toshiba’s dual-band technology “(…) sends two optical reference signals of different wavelengths to minimize phase fluctuations on long optical fibers. The first wavelength is used to eliminate rapid changes. The second wavelength is the same as the wavelength of the optical qubit, and is used to fine-tune the phase.” The data has been repeatedly verified at all stages of its passage through the network-and due to the new technology, it does not show any degradation Signs.

(Image source: Toshiba)

This research finally opened the door for long-distance quantum key distribution (QKD). QKD is essentially a distribution protocol for encryption keys, although it is based on quantum physics-and is hailed as the last frontier of the encryption model. This “final boundary of security” is touted based on quantum physics and the behavior of the qubit itself: after using a secure QKD key to encrypt data, it can be sent over an insecure connection (such as the Internet), only Only the holder of the decryption key can access its content. Certain features of the quantum field are particularly useful in ensuring security: First, the basic quantum observation principle that underpins most quantum binding research states that merely observing the behavior of a fluid system will change its final result. Based on this, if secure, QKD-encrypted communication is intercepted by a third party, the interception itself will cause changes in the information flow, which can be used as a warning to the sender (or receiver) of the information that someone is trying to steal, tamper with and intercept the data flow.

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