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trick or treat? The CPU Cherry-Picker Silicon lottery will end on October 31

Silicon Lottery, the preferred service for professional offline and CPU “golden sample” acquisitions, announces that it will close its business End of next monthAfter providing its unique service to the world for 7 years, Silicon Lottery cited the reduction of CPU overclocking space, the increasing use of hot soldering as a standard option, and market changes as the reasons for its decision to close the store. The shutdown will take effect on October 31, and customers who wish to cancel the CPU must send their chips for processing before November 30.This means that if you want to add some extra juice to one of them The best gaming CPU, You must act quickly.

The reduction in overclocking space for the latest series of AMD and Intel processors seems to be one of the main reasons for the closure of Silicon Lottery. Both companies have actively improved their boost algorithms to achieve higher sustained and burst clock speeds-these algorithms have become so good that it is now even possible to lose single-threaded performance due to overclocking (single-core boost Usually reach a higher clock than stable all)-core overclocking will).

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