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TSMC’s 2nm GigaFabs: Another location reportedly considered


Although TSMC has never officially launched its subsequent N3 (post-3nm) manufacturing process, sometimes referred to as N2 (or 2nm), it has developed quite aggressive plans for its 2nm wafer processing facility that includes two GigaFabs. The first 2nm fab will be built in the Hsinchu Science Park, but after facing water shortages earlier this year, the company seems to be re-evaluating its plans for the second 2nm fab.

TSMC’s first fab capable of producing chips using its N2 manufacturing technology will be located at the company’s factory near Baoshan, Hsinchu County, northern Taiwan. Last year, the company established a new R1 R&D facility, which will be used for N3 and N2 nodes (according to media reports). There is no report on TSMC’s groundbreaking ceremony at Hsinchu Science Park, but the company has announced that the plant will be constructed in four phases.

(Image source: TSMC)

foundry plan Construction of the second N2 wafer fab in the Central Taiwan Science Park near Taichung. TSMC already has production facilities near Taichung.But central Taiwan is one of them Suffer the most The recent drought in Taiwan has forced TSMC to use trucks to supply water for its fabs.


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