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Udoo Key for $4 combines Raspberry Pi RP2040 and ESP32 together

Mini computer manufacturer Udoo is promoting Start Kickstarter Activities, Udoo Key, a microcontroller board with RP2040- Raspberry Pico -And an ESP32 are in a strangely shaped package.

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(Image source: Udoo)
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Udo Key

(Image source: Udoo)
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Udoo key

(Image source: Udoo)

Udoo Key is a strange-scale T-shaped board, you can see ESP32, powered by dual-core Xtensa 32-bit LX6, 16MB flash memory and 8MB PSRAM, placed on the top of the board, customized RP2040 power supply board is located at the base. RP2040 is the same as the dual ARM Cortex-M0 chip used on Raspberry Pi Pico and many other RP2040 power supply boards, but Udoo Key has 8MB of QSPI flash memory, which is four times that of Raspberry Pi Pico.

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