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Use Linux to bring classroom computers back to life

Readers of a certain age may remember SMART Response XE, a handheld computer for educational purposes that was released around 2009, but has since been discontinued. Therefore, they are currently very cheap (we have seen the opportunity to buy a box of 32 pieces for less than $300) and they are becoming good targets for experimental hackers.Clever hacker chmod775 XE has been turned into a fully functional Linux terminal computer, as emphasized Hacker day.

(Image source: chmod775)

The idea of ​​SMART Response XE is that teachers can write tests or other evaluations on the host PC (requires Pentium 4 or early Intel Mac), and then distribute them to a group of XE wireless through IEEE 802.15.4 low power consumption. This is currently Standards used in Zigbee and other home automation standards. XE may have more processing power than Hue bulbs, but its ATmega128RFA1 microcontroller and wireless transceiver unit are not entirely suitable for running “Crysis”.

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