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Use this retro music phone dial chip powered by Raspberry Pi

Chiptune musicians are Again, This time redesigned the rotary dial phone, dialing SID tunes directly from the jukebox through the jukebox Raspberry Pi 3 Simulate the SID chip of the same Hacker day Discover this wonderful project from the creator Linus Åkesson.

This phone is made of bakelite and steel, sturdy and durable. It comes from Sweden and was made between the 1930s and 1950s.The internal structure of the phone has been carefully replaced with a Raspberry Pi 3 running Commodore 64 (C64) sound chip SID simulator, you can use High voltage SID acquisitionThe series includes classic works such as C64 games Thing on a Spring and Wizball themes.

(Image source: Linus Åkesson)

Put all of these into the phone, and you can use their respective codes to dial out a piece of music, or listen to the work of a specific composer. Noisy parties have stereo output, which will inevitably be integrated around such devices, but we most like the idea of ​​listening politely through the phone.

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