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Valve releases Steam deck teardown, warning not to do it yourself


Valve released a teardown video Steam deck, And both SSD and thumbstick are highlighted at the same time.When the company shows you how To do this, it’s also obvious that it doesn’t think you should.

“We Valve really don’t recommend that you open it,” the commentator said, noting that the handheld device is a “very rigorously designed system” and carefully selected parts that Valve does not intend to replace. It even implies that if the battery explodes due to damage, you may die. And this kind of damage is not covered by the warranty.

The video warns that the screw is “self-tapping” and it is easy to peel off or over-tighten. Removing the shell “immediately weakens it” and reduces its resistance to fall.

There are also standard electrostatic discharge warnings that may be familiar to PC manufacturers and upgraders.

If you do go in, the thumbstick assembly seems to be easy to replace, even though the entire mechanism is custom-made.

The SSD uses the M.2 2230 slot on all models, including 64GB with eMMC storage. Valve recommends that the drive you purchase may consume too much energy or cause electromagnetic interference to other key components.

“Our SSD is very close to our wireless module and has been specially selected and tested to not interfere with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth,” the video commentator said. There are also some components under the SSD. You need to take out at least one screw to remove the protective cover covering the drive. At the same time, it will also fix the heat dissipation module, which may reduce the heat dissipation performance.

Valve specifically recommends using a microSD card to increase storage space.


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