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What is DRAM in RAM and GPU?Basic definition


DRAM stands for dynamic random access memory, a type of semiconductor memory, found in RAM with GPU (Aka graphics card).

The working principle of DRAM memory is to store data bits in a Capacitor Inside the integrated circuit.It needs to be refreshed regularly (unlike shame) To save data, because its capacitor will slowly release energy. DRAM is cheaper than SRAM and can store more data. However, compared to SRAM-based components, DRAM-based components require longer time to access data and use more power.

DRAM in the RAM kit

SDRAM aka SDR SDRAM (Synchronous dynamic RAM and list data rate synchronous dynamic RAM)-A more advanced DRAM. SDRAM will not react to data input until CPU The clock tells it; it is designed to match CPU In its optimization Clock speedTherefore, compared with ordinary (asynchronous) DRAM, SDRAM can perform more tasks at the same time.


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