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When and why to use Windows Advanced Startup

Whether you need to access the BIOS, reset the PC, boot from an external drive, restore the system image, or perform many other important boot-related tasks, the advanced boot menu of Windows is your best choice, especially when you try to perform this During operation Fix blue screen Or other errors.You can navigate there by Start -> Settings -> Update and Security -> Recovery And click the Restart now button. Below we will explain all the powerful functions you can perform from Advanced Startup and when you need to perform these operations.

(Image source: techy’s hardware)

The warning is true: it will restart your computer

Don’t click the “Restart now” button until you are ready to restart your PC. Why do you say this? Because once you click that button, there is no turning back. Your PC will restart, and when it restarts, it will show you the “Select an option” on-screen menu:

Windows advanced startup

Select an option menu (Image source: techy’s hardware)

On this screen, you can easily explain two of these options. The “Continue” option continues normal Windows startup as if you have never used this restart option. “Shut down your PC” performs a shutdown operation, and puts your PC in an inert state and shuts down. Obviously, you can accomplish these two things without entering the Windows advanced boot menu. “Using the device” and “Troubleshooting” make things more interesting, each of which leads to a secondary menu.

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