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Where to buy AMD Zen 3 Ryzen 5000 CPU

AMD long awaited Ryzen 5000 The processor series is finally launched, just like RTX 3000 Before it starts, the CPU Sold out almost immediately At the time of publication.However, unlike Nvidia, which has an RTX 3000 graphics card, AMD soon promised More stocks coming soonFor many Ryzen 5000 series products, this has been achieved, although the situation varies from chip to chip.

In addition, different stores have different ways to sell AMD’s hottest new processors. As we may see more inventory in the future, let us use major parts retailers in the US to get you ready to buy as soon as AMD’s new chips are on the market again.

AMD Ryzen 5 5600X: Where to buy

(Image source: AMD)

List of retailers of Ryzen 5 5600X in the United States: Amazon I New egg I B&H I Best Buy | Micro center

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