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Which Raspberry Pi should I buy?


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this raspberry pie Since its launch in 2012, it has sold 31 million units, but if you don’t already own one—or you need to buy a new one for a specific project—the choice can be a little daunting. When you include older models that are still being manufactured, there are more than a dozen different Raspberry Pi boards on sale.

Why do I need a Raspberry Pi

Every self-respecting tech geek Should have at least one Raspberry Pi. Any Raspberry Pi can be used as a secondary computer for e-mail and web surfing, but even the most high-end models, Raspberry Pi 4, Not as fast as low-end Windows PCs. The real fun begins when you use Pi for projects, which range from robots to retro arcade machines to home media servers, security cameras and even fart detectors.We listed The best Raspberry Pi project Inspiration every month.


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