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Why is it time for all members of the family to take professional women seriously


My friend’s daughter resigned. that’s all. I called her in shock and asked her why she did it. She has held a promising position in a famous multinational company; She is still young and has a successful career; This is the job she likes to do; In order to get that job, she studied for many years at a prestigious college. Why throw it away? She said, I can’t cope with all this. My heart is pounding.

She joined a long list of women quitting their jobs, not because they couldn’t do it or didn’t like it, but simply because their family did not make the adjustments needed to keep her working. She is tired of balancing work and family responsibilities. If managing the kitchen and the house, taking care of many guests and family members, and playing the role of wife and daughter-in-law is the top priority of her family, then she thinks it is meaningless to work hard to keep her job. I thought she gave up too early. I argue that this is unacceptable in this day and age. She told me that she had tried, but she could no longer bear the physical and mental pressure.

Even in the so-called modern era, it is tiring to hear these stories. In my mother and mother-in-law’s generation, women hardly went to work. Even if they do, it is financial needs that drive them to work. They chose what they thought was a safe career option, working in schools, hospitals, banks, and government agencies.They are still unwilling to seek Career Development, Worry about longer working hours, transfers, and less vacation flexibility. They manage the family and work, seek help from their parents and relatives, and work hard, but because the family needs money, they cannot give up work.

Women of my generation do better. We can pursue a career and choose what we like to do. We can negotiate better for ourselves, seek help when needed, and use our financial independence to make decisions that are important to us. Although many of us are also expected to play our role in the family, we can ask the men in our lives to come forward and we can seek concessions as needed. There are tough days at work and at home, but we are doing very well. We assume that the next generation will do better. These women know that they are equal to men, and most of them ask them not to take on more responsibilities at home. In many cases, men and their families have assumed responsibility. But many people still treat this lady and her career in a very different way. No one has ever asked a man what he would do with his job after he got married or after giving birth. These questions are left to women.

I think women must participate in the world outside their home. We make up half of the population and we must participate in major decisions made by the world because it affects our lives and the lives of our children. If more and more women choose to stay at home and not participate in the surrounding communities or expand their circle of influence to have an impact on the larger world, then we will become poorer in this choice. Our unethical behavior in the food industry, the chemicals and garbage we ingest from grains and fruits to packaged foods and prepared foods, if women make these decisions, I think they can be avoided. I think women will not choose profit over the well-being of those who eat these foods. I even think that if women are in a position of power to make decisions for the world, we would not stare at our global warming and climate change so severely.

Maybe I am romanticized. But I believe that women bring important complementarities to decision-making.many people think that Career women As a person wearing pants; some people even want her to act like a man. But this missed the point. In the family and the outside world, women bring different methods, different angles of problem-solving, and different skills of problem-solving. We cannot miss this; we need women to participate in the world around us.

The responsibilities of the family should not prevent women from pursuing economic independence in accordance with their own wishes. Even for that kind of micro-level freedom, employment is a choice women should be able to make without reservation. We are still a society that imposes additional burdens and responsibilities on women, even if she shares the financial burden of the family. Even for the most accomplished and determined woman, having children is a natural setback on her career path. Many people are in a dilemma between the needs of their children and the compulsive nature of work, choosing to take a break from work. Even if we consider this kind of rest to be necessary, many other obstacles to career pursuit still exist because we are still unfair to women’s roles in the family and outside.

I remember that I was easily interrupted by phone calls and problems at home at work, and my husband would be more respected. Even in the work-from-home scene, many friends I know told me how their work is underestimated, and they need to spare time to support their families, take care of their children, entertain guests, and take care of the family. Family members did not take professional women seriously, and they regretted it.

It takes an entire family to enable women to work and remain free to work. Everyone needs to join, admit that she should go to work if it is something she likes to do, and support her. We don’t need role definitions, we need to connect seamlessly. Every adult should learn to be responsible for their needs for food, cleanliness and their own work. And they should be willing to be able to seamlessly complete all tasks in the family and the family. It is a shame to tell in this modern age, but we still run a family where no one knows how to cook or clean. We are not serious enough to believe that the world also belongs to women, and it is not yet.

(The author is the chairman of the Investment Education and Learning Center)


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