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Windows 11 Announcement: Live Blog



Remember the old rotating blue circle in Windows. Now we see it here.

(Image source: techy’s hardware)

Windows 11 will be upgraded for free. Despite the buffering problem, we have heard of it.

Wow, our blog live broadcast capability is a bit stuck because we can’t even get Microsoft Streaming to work. It’s not pretty. At least six of us have the same experience in different places.

He just said Windows 11, so now we definitely know that if we don’t have one, it is the name. We still see buffering issues.

Windows 11

(Image source: techy’s hardware)

We saw some buffering and stagnation issues on the Microsoft feed. What about you

Panos Panay is online and is now showing photos of his home. Saying his home “feels good”, I guess this is a metaphor for Windows. This is “a place you can always find back. This is a space.”


(Image source: techy’s hardware)

Keep music

This kind of keeping music is really steady, but it also feels a bit futuristic. This seems to be the soundtrack from 2001: a cross between a space voyage and the sounds you hear in an elevator.

Does Windows 10 remind people of this event?

Windows 11 event alert

(Image source: techy’s hardware)

Some of us received this notification on our Windows 10 Insider Build PC last night. Any of you

Key questions Microsoft needs to answer

We may not get all the answers we seek from this event, but here are a few key questions that Microsoft really needs to answer.

  • Is it really called Windows 11? We are pretty sure this is for sure.
  • Is it a free upgrade? We bet the answer is yes.
  • Are these changes not only in the deep layers of the skin? Now, we just see a new start menu (yawn)
  • Has the system requirements changed? We think it may not be, but we need to know.
  • What about the Microsoft Store? Is there anything new there.
  • Any performance improvements? We really hope that this will actually make our PC perform better, not just put a new layer of paint on the old operating system.

High expectations

Now that we are 45 minutes away from the start time, we are happy to see what Microsoft has to say.Last week, a version Windows 11 leaked, Completed a new start menu and some minor UI changes. We hope that Microsoft will show more than what we have seen from the leaked version, which, frankly, is really impressive.


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